Hearing Aid Wireless Accessories

New hearing aid technology provides the ability for people to hear speech in most situations. However, sometimes the listener needs additional help to hear speech in a more challenging situation. Fortunately, hearing aid companies have been able to take advantage of wireless technology and offer wireless accessories to  enhance the performance of the hearing aids.

Wireless Phone Solutions transmit telephone conversations, via blue-tooth, directly to the hearing aid(s). Some of the solutions are even ‘hands free.’

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Wireless Television Solutions transmit the audio signal wirelessly to the hearing aid(s), providing exceptionally clear speech and other sounds.

Wireless Microphones worn by the speaker are a great solution for hearing a speaker over a distance or in background noise, such as listening to a lecturer or a passenger in the car.

Wireless Acessories can also be used to listen to other Audio Sources, e.g. MP3 players, smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Wireless Remote Controls allow a user to discreetly adjust the volume or even the program selection of the hearing aid(s). Some hearing aids can even be adjusted with a Smart Phone!